Dr. Shanna Swan on How Plastics in Food are Affecting Our Hormone Levels

21. apr. 2021
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Taken from JRE #1638 w/Dr. Shanna Swan:

  • got spotify just to watch this. must see for everyone.

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  • My daughter-in-law grandfather was a nazi scientist, when he was alive, he avoided the use of plastic in his food and drink. My thoughts; he probably was involved in experiments on human beings.

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  • turning the FROG GAY

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  • Steven Pinker said Capitalism has improved every metric of life. He must be an anti natalist.

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  • Color dyes are just plastics in your food.

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  • Forage Is Power!!

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  • Just had to chime in, at some point in the whole podcast episode they bring up massive fields not being good for us. Massive fields of corn are primarily grown for fuel and feed, it is not the sweet corn we eat. This is still introducing the phthalates and pesticides to the food chain that will be fed to beef, pigs, fowls and other food animals.

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  • Spotify sucks I watched one 2 and a half hour pod cast and it ate almost 3gigs of data WTF im never using it again they are ment for listening to a song not a podcast Joe just need to get back to Utube it's not like 300,000 an episode was shit payment

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  • Joe rogan commenters be like: ThEre wErE nO gAY pEoPlE bEfOrE pLaStiC

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  • How many guys here are racing to the bathroom with the vernier calipers?😂👍🏻

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  • I read a bit of an article waiting at the Dr. and apparently they've found microscopic plastic particles in the ice at the poles and the ocean. If that's true it may be soon humans can no longer reproduce and AOC won't have to worry about the climate.

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  • So these so called "scientists" didn't feed the lab rats human food what we eat then??? They fed them food "contaminated" with plastic, whatever they mean by that 🤨 So I assume they basically fed them plastic and thought that replicates our reality 🤦 These so called "scientists" literally just make up bullshit based on bullshit!!!

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  • She was quite charming 👌

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  • I hope, thanks to this lady, Joe has changed his eurocentric view that the world is overpopulated.

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  • So how long should an adult males taint be? Asking for a friend.

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  • Biffins Bridge... one slip and you are in the shit.

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  • But will the chemicals get rid of fundamentalism

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  • We should Boycott science!!! It’s Just a bunch of Evil Geniuses ruining the world

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  • He’s thinking of Chooch, Carlos Ruiz

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  • Short: No plastic is big dick.

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  • It’s the gooch

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  • We feared Petrol Chemicals were making the Earth uninhabitable, no no, it will be small taint sizes and low sperm counts that will lead to our destruction. Nice!

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  • I don't see body hair anymore in guys under 40-50.

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  • ...I find Dr Frankenstein's cavalier approach a bit...creepy...

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  • This is actually VERY SERIOUS. We need to take care of this plastic addiction.

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  • The chemicals are added on purpose for population control, if you don't think so you're naive. Let me guess Bill Gates is behind it.

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  • hahahahah she called it a gooch

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  • Now you know the mothers of all the SJWs were chowing down plastic 25 years ago.

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  • "...something you might know by the name of the taint" "Mmmhmmm"

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  • Woah. So the gender dysphoria and feeling of being born in the wrong body is entirely real, and its tragic. They never had a chance. Now I kind of feel sorry for them and feel like there needs to be some kind of justice for our boys.

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  • In 1997s Total Breast Health by Robin Keuneke she talks about xeno estrogens (toxic estrogen mimickers in the environment) in plastics are disrupting hormones.

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  • You know here hands are cold 🥶

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  • This set is better than the red toaster oven but that Neon Sign is way too much right behind him. He should have just gone with the old look with the brick.

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  • Cool as lady

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  • She's funny.

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  • Alex Jones wins AGAIN!

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  • BPA in water bottles lower testosterone😳

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  • It's as easy as abc 123, the ol' ass balls connecter never disappoints Joe was like, for a woman? And she was like nah g 2:53

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  • Thats different than my taint measuring device.

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  • and this is why there are so many trans people in Asia. Asia's tap water is undrinkable. so they all drink from plastic bottles that sit in the sun all day. BPAs and phalates all day make messed up hormone babies.

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  • [USERNAME][DATE_LONG]Tuesday, 04 May 20211620087387Tuesday

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  • It’d be an APC in women.

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  • She said gooch hahaha

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  • people are such fickle sheep, alex jones was talking about this shit for years and now people think it's an educated view because they heard some lady with a degree talk about it

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  • Anyone else rewatching Handmaids Tale while coming across this for the first time? Has me sitting over here like 😳

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    • Yes as a matter of fact

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  • bisphenol A is also a problem, we have known testosterone levels have been dropping for at least 50-100yrs. Up to 50%!!!

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  • Never heard of the best Kerry footballer of all time? 🤣🇮🇪

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  • Welcome to Planet Earth - You will be destroyed.

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  • Yeah i checked it . i have 2.75-8 inches. I'm good. our next generation is fucked

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  • Plastic is a concern, but ~100+ million women on birth control pissing water soluable estrogen into the water supply on the daily is likely more of a problem.

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  • Honestly, this hella wack.

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  • Alex Jones nailed it.

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  • Joe your choice of guests is outstanding. Imagine giving an intelligent credible mature woman a platform to be heard!

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  • I've heard everything.

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  • You guys wanna know what this discovery will change? Nothing. Absolutely nothing changed in the years since this was discovered. I think it's about time for a real worldwide revolution or we all lose.

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  • “Can we have a selfie with you and me” 😂😂😂

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  • The NIH doesn't like to pay for reproducibility studies? That tells you what you need to know about their priorities.

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  • I wonder how many people busted out their calipers and measured their taints after watching this. If Rohan could incentivize viewers to submit those results anonymously, this doc would have all the data she would ever need

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  • All I got from this is eventually we’re going to have a bunch of woman protesting the need for having equal taint length to men.

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  • 5inches megataint here

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  • As long as your young, healthy, eat right, and exercise I don't think you have to worry about this.

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  • Why do we want human animals to reproduce? As long as greediness exists, there will always be nefarious consequences. Let's Nature take care of its development and have the birds and animals sing in unison "Alleluia! Good riddance of those so-called human sapiens--they were a real pain you know where..." We are so arrogant that we can't even accept our own demise. Humans are not supposed to live on this earth ad vitam aeternam. Thank goodness.

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  • Joe _ When did this stuff start getting into our food supply ? Dr. Swan - started in the 1950's. Joe thinking to himself (I need to measure my taint)

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  • Well...they can't kill us all at once or large enough numbers ...so they do their version of "death by a thousand cuts" ...slowly poison everything around us, lowering fertility and IQ, while they sleep in oxygen rooms and eat super clean and healthy food from their hermetically sealed grow houses...just a normal tuesday

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  • Also, from the FDA website: It's not clear what effect, if any, phthalates have on human health. An expert panel convened from 1998 to 2000 by the National Toxicology Program (NTP), part of the National Institute for Environmental Safety and Health, concluded that reproductive risks from exposure to phthalates were minimal to negligible in most cases. Could be old research? More inquiry needed.

    Jason HolmanJason HolmanPred 5 dnevi
  • Before everyone gets their knickers in a knot over her alarming claims, let's start asking questions: 1. Is the "taint" a good proxy for low sperm count? 2. JR should have asked what her critics have to say - can she articulate their counter point of view? 3. What level of EDR's have to be present in order to have the effects she claims? 4. Are there populations experiencing low sperm counts in countries with no phalates in the environment? 5. What was the population size of the men included in her study? Panic about this problem doesn't lead to clear thinking.

    Jason HolmanJason HolmanPred 5 dnevi

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  • I prefer my plastic steak medium rare

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  • Great speaker, great topic. Thank you

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  • pizzle

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  • Something Jordan Peterson said comes to mind regarding Alex Jones and turning the frogs gay. He said it’s an archetype that the “fool” is often the only one telling the truth.

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  • So the frogs are really gay!?

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  • I used to chew on plastic bottles how fucked am I boys? For real tho somebody tell me something so I stop freaking out about this shit

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  • Now I know my ABC's, next time won't you sing with me.

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  • Tainted water, I’ve seen some these plastic poisoned pecker dudes - gym locker room

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  • Jamie dropping in with his taint knowledge…

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  • All the chemicals we are exposed to in the modern world via all sorts of methods is unbelievably scary...and we have barely scratched the surface!

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  • So, with knowing this are we all in agreement that plastic sucks? Finally?

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  • We are polluting ourselves to extinction

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  • Joe Rogan you are my hero 👍

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  • She is interesting and fun

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  • A great episode! I listened to the whole thing on Spotify. Dr. Swan is a class act.

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  • shes great

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  • Every man 5 minutes after watching this video is trying to figure out how to measure this in private.

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  • -goes and grabs a ruler... “John come here. We need to measure your taint. I think that’s why I can’t get pregnant”

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  • Saw this on asap science a bit ago

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  • I made a Spotify account a few months ago. I was listening to one jre podcast. When I now start the app it again wants me to register. When I try it just keeps crashing. Spotify is bullshit. Please offer at least an alternative to listen to the podcast.

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  • Interesting pod cast that’s it I’m getting spotty fied

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  • South korea kimchi + plastic containers + vinegar = little fresh meat

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  • Stop using plastic baby bottles and Siliac.....

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  • I hope we get a follow-up episode. This was really top notch. 👌

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  • i learned so much holy crap

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  • Low Key this lady was funny AF, and holy shit, the info she dropped 🤯

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  • Oh hey testing in Rochester NY

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  • Cosmetology in the early 1960's had phalates.

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  • Comment for boosts sake

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  • Fluoride is in ALL the water on Earth now ---- Fluoride is one of the MAIN INGREDIENTS in Prozac. Plasic is in every breath you take.... Better take that red pill

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  • childhood LEGO memorys ... broken =(

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  • Explains alot of whats happening right now

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