Joe Rogan Experience #1558 - Tristan Harris

30. okt. 2020
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Called the “closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience,” by The Atlantic magazine, Tristan Harris spent three years as a Google Design Ethicist developing a framework for how technology should “ethically” steer the thoughts and actions of billions of people from screens. He is now co-founder & president of the Center for Humane Technology, whose mission is to reverse ‘human downgrading’ and re-align technology with humanity. Additionally, he is co-host of the Center for Humane Technology’s Your Undivided Attention podcast with co-founder Aza Raskin.

  • Fight voter fraud from home. Use your computer to request voter information from your local precinct. They are required to provide the info. Then send that info to Dr. Shiva for

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  • i'm a monkey, i'm staying in this tree! You're outta your minds! lol

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  • Some interesting stuff, and much of it being common knowledge to anyone who pays attention, kind of why I rarely get videos I want to watch up next, and not to be rude, its either ones for this channel I watch long ago or ones for sky news Australia. I personally open tabs for each video I want to watch and then close them as I watch the one I wanted. I only watched this one as I didn't recall seeing it in the past. I immediately called into doubt his position on all this being noble when first he tried to manipulate an image of Portland, as in noone thinks its on fire, they just know there is a hell of a lot of lunacy going on there and have the proof of it on a regular basis, so it sounds like he was trying to strawman the whole thing. Then the final nail was making Meghan out to be a victim. Actually no, I take that back, she is a victim of her own attention grabbing and breaking the rules of the British royal family in public life (as in you don't push your political views directly, you can be an extreme environmentalist like his father but must keep out of the politics of it if you want to retain your title, position and money), and now its backfiring on her in the UK and worse, its dragging Harry down with her. I did annoyingly have to get facebook though after many years of thinking i could avoid it, for my oculus account, only to find I had an account I made 15+ years ago with only one friend on it where they got me to make the account to show me some pictures of their cousin.

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  • The solution is to ditch your smartphone

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  • This guy is pushing Great Reset.

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  • 2+ hours of why social media is bad. I'll let people know on social media. 2:20:58

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  • Dang Joe's chair gets higher and higher every episode. Just get him a scissor lift already

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  • Where are the episodes after donnel rawling? Taken doen to force us to spotify? Im not getting any video on spotify(just me??)

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  • Ethics. How about pushing against slavery such as in China? Apple and others are watering down enforcement mechanisms making the law worse than useless. Are diamond certification now better? Are we moving from Blood diamonds to blood phones, blood speaker assistants? And that's ethical not to fight against?

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  • Rogan's producer Jamie's father Michael Vernon was in the Navy and worked in...INFORMATION WARFARE (Battalion II NAS Pensacola FL: @t. What a "coincidence"! It's rhetorical that Alex Jones is a shill and Rogan and he are good buds🤔. This all being aside from the fact that Rogan is/was sponsored by Google owned 23-and-Me as well as a host of other utterly suspicious entities (such as Esalen-connected MAPS and Cash app both of which have a plethora of suspicious connections, to say the least). Rogan openly praises turning humans into cyborgs so no wonder he pushes Elon Musk's transhumanist dystopian agenda so hard. Rogan is a disinfo/red herring/social engineering agent the truth of which is inherently self evident. Wake up dude bros, you're being played. Just because Rogan condones the use of entheogens doesn't mean he's not a shill. Just look at the evidence for yourself:

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  • Google is not your friend

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  • SLworlds did not recommend this to me

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  • Seems pretty easy to me. Ban social platforms and keep all the other forms of communication.

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  • How many people downloaded spotify and still using YOU tube to watch Rogan??

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  • Sorry, I had to switch off when this guy started saying Meghan Markle is a victim. One of the most entitled, hypocritical, preaching, upper class people in the world get some criticism and this guy is all up in arms.

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  • 32:40

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  • Who is this guy? This is boring ugh

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  • estrogen overload

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  • Why is this video still on SLworlds lol they deleted the santino podcasts and some of the segura ones but didn’t wipe the whole SLworlds channel lol

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  • #GoVegan #VaccineAwareness #Centrist #RichDadPoorDad #Agnostic #AstralRealms #FearMongering #LeftRightFascism

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  • When you were talking about attention being organic around 11:00 mark he just quickly puked words all over you and moved on. I think the attention seeking should be organic more

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  • Do the right thing and quit twitter and join Parler. I did!

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  • I feel like this guy tried things for social media or the internet that didn't work., and so now he's against it and out to expose it. Question: was this Tristan's heart's passion all along.? To expose things for what they really are.?

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  • Pretty dismissive of Unity 2020 eh?

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  • 02:05:00 + - Another sentiment expressed in The matrix: At the end of the second movie [*spoiler*], The Architect explains to Neo that when the Matrix was first introduced, its proper operation was only made possible by the fact that the vast majority of people _chose_ it, and "chose to accept the programming." That's what's happening now. People are choosing the programming. And that's why Democracy [alone] cannot be the solution. They'll choose slavery.

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  • You HAVE to have Daniel Schmactenberger on here!

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  • basically what I got out of this interview is that social media caused this populist movement and they will fix it so that in the future we will all think the same like good SJW's. Total BS

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  • Yang milih Allah SWT like.

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  • They were talking about the film the whole time and I never got the name of the film.

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  • "I honestly believe Mark Zuckerberg when he says that he doesn't want to have that kind of power over people." I call bs on that with the constant censorship Facebook is inflicting on people.

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    • Lmfao mark made facebook to sell personal information so that companies could make "accurate" generalizations on what consumers want and when they want it, so he had no problem giving it all to the cia. So this guy is full of shit. Hes trying to say russia had an interference. No they didnt. And joe says the end game is to get everyone to fight when at the end of the day its internationalist saying this garbage but also doing it themselves. People like this on joes show really confuse him and lead him down the wrong path, like he legit had jordan peterson explain the situation for him and its like it all went out one ear and half his whole audience eats everything up on this as truth. Half the people on this show are manipulative lefties with biased views fixed towards the views of the silicon Valley.

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  • the myanmar thing is absolutely insane! NEVER knew about that..

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  • Resist.

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  • You have no responsibility or obligation to "ethically steer the thoughts and actions" of anyone you self-righteous hypocrites. That is for us to decide as individuals.

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  • ఆ ఆi love u girl.

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  • I’m conflicted. Should I hit the like button?

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  • This dude sounds like a good Progressive leftist.

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  • 1:27:32 "What's your podcast again?" - it's called your undivided attention "Can you repeat that please?" - your undivided attention "One more time" - your undivided... I see what you're doing "Nah just fucking with you man but seriously what is it called? "

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  • Let's all still pretend pizzagate is a conspiracy despite it being mathematically impossible after all the proof that's found that there clearly is a pedophile ring/problem.

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  • It's corporate advertising and manipulation, it's nothing new.

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  • No matter how hard you try no matter what you do you will never in a billion tries fix the world and the problems in it, someone will one day his name is JESUS. Believe it or not.

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  • Raise your kids right let him know what reality is all about then you don't have to worry about them watching SLworlds or anything else

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  • Rehypothecated attention streams for sale!!

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  • Yo is there any way I can block this podcast. Not that I don’t love JRE but this is the only thing SLworlds will auto play for me and it’s getting real annoying

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  • Doesn't matter how big the celebrity Joe gets on his show, it's interviews like this one that keeps me watching.

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  • Maybe our purpose is to make AI so it can find other life forms in the universe

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  • sounds like a trumpist enabler. put this man on the list.

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  • dark theme is necessary for this dark video

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  • This has to be one of the most important interviews he's done. The solution is spreading the word and getting more people to speak up about it.

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  • Joe Short Shorts Rogan

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  • The genie is out of the bottle. In many ways attention algorithms are kind of the AI singularity many people were worried about. If it's not the monopolists in the USA, it will be foreign countries, and any organization that can develop attention-based AI tools and distribute it on a mass scale. There are actually far worse actors than Google and Facebook that would love nothing more than to have these types of tools. Tristan trying to answer about a "solution" is amusing. There is no solution.

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  • Remember one thing of social media😂😂 they spread fake how come we believe joe😂

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  • thats a fucked up recursion ... youtube kinda shot itself in the leg by recomending this video to me

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  • Orwell and Huxley are both right to certain degrees

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  • Tristan Harris needs a quick message to read: "We live in a Republic, not a Democracy" No offense to anyone, but we all need to get out of the happen of thinking that we need a mob-rule. We should always respect and protect the individual from the mob.

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  • Can this fucking shit stop showing up in my "playing next"?

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  • Really hope that Joe Rogan interviews Mikki Willis (creator of the Plandemic documentary)

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  • Why does he keep focusing on conspiracy theories, why not focus on violent vids, porn,, drugs,, because to be honest i read alot of stuff on conspiarcy things and they dont just come up theres alot of searching for vids as they keep getting taking down, this guy is full of shit and is constantly trying to push his narrative across,

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  • "Woe to you as well, experts in the law!" He replied. “ You weigh men down with heavy burdens, but you yourselves will not lift a finger to lighten their load." -- Hmmm. We should really stop giving out student loans... and certainly not collect interest on the "charity" of government in giving out student loans. Forgiving them might be unfair, but bi-partisanship-wise, we could just stop charging interest on them.

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  • Has anyone seen anything this podcast besides me, it’s an old Joe Rogan one where he’s asked the question of “ Hey Joe, I got a really strange question to ask you,”. So if you were on a desert island with enough food and water to live, but your sharing a mile and a half Long Island. Now picture it 2 years later, no sex period. Now if one night the female chimpanzee is in desperate heat and she mounts you while you were sleeping and she sits down on your lap..?” “Do you fight or just let her put you into her body and try to enjoy it as much you can considering circumstances?” -Brian Redban. And Joe Rogan paused for a good 40 seconds in silence before saying “Well she’s going to do whatever she wants with me in that situation, but I’d eventually give into her, close my eyes picture a jot girl and just start thrusting her back, if no one else will never know fuck it, who’ll ever know, and I like sex just like any other guy, it’s only matter of time before something happens come on, tell me you wouldn’t do the same eventually too, if no one will ever know and I’ll never see any other person again, I mean what else is their to do on an island, anyone would do the same and if you say you wouldn’t spend 2 years on an island with a horny female ape, it’s gonna happen either way”-Joe Rogan

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  • I watched it and totally get how people get addicted and caught up in social media,, but when you referenced pizza gate as your example you completely lost me, and showed me how manipulative this show was,, this guy 100% still works for google,

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  • Dude I remember watching Fred and asdf and shit when I was 12... the worlds gone nuts

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  • Wow.

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  • Hundreds of thousands of ancient monkey bones have been dug up. Hundreds of ancient human bones have also been found.,,, correct? Yes; an agreed & obvious fact. Yet not even one set of remains found, have ever been, part monkey / post human. OR... any other one single species mixed with another, from differing DNA structures. We are not evolving, but adapting in a world that loses 10’s of thousands of species, in just our short lifetime. We (the planet) are not evolving. We like everything else are de-evolving. Why had no one ever seen or discovered a single life form generationally improve? Why don’t we find things current, or prehistoric in ANY type of an evolving state? Yes we’re prehistoric, giant sized animals and plants.. but never ever once a cross-bread. We have never evolved. We are de-evolving. Scientists have spent the last 50-60 years, just trying to cause the simple , short lifespan, fruit fly to reproduce with a altered structure or dna. They haven’t once ever changed a single characteristic of a single fly. Science disproves itself annually. We screwed up at the Tree of Life, and have eternal souls. It is 100 times easier to prove God as our eternal creator, over any scientific annually expiring hypothesis. If everything’s DNA coding wasn’t 100% perfect, life would crumble. Darwin’s Swiss cheese logic, is just as interjected as fake news and the big tech influence in what everyone is taught. Evolution debunks itself, more than it will ever Prove itself. You are created by God alone & in his image.

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  • Embrace the terror, walk toward the light and fucking be reborn in the image of God!

    WHB JRWHB JRPred dnevom
  • Fucking stop resisting the inevitable!

    WHB JRWHB JRPred dnevom
  • Embrace the change, and the unknown, and do like Goggins sais, and get so intimate with discomfort that it becomes the norm. It seems that resisting change is pretty fut8le

    WHB JRWHB JRPred dnevom
  • Maybe we should stop being pussies, and embrace the terrifying unknown of the "future", and accept that this physical form is just a stage in our ultimate evolution!

    WHB JRWHB JRPred dnevom
  • What's so interesting on the ceiling? 🙄😅

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  • This guy doesn’t want to sound “categorically against conspiracy”. He’s just secretly on the other side in a clever way

    Cody CreaseyCody CreaseyPred dnevom
    • He talks like a sneaky shit, doesn't he?

      Buddhas PriestBuddhas PriestPred 7 urami
    • I think I get what you're saying and agree.. Pretty smart and has a lot of information but it also gets a little tiresome hearing him extrapolate the scenario with climate change, wildlife, nutrition Etc. Kind of feels like he's trying to work in his philosophies couched as examples. "think of it as........"

      maxi memaxi mePred 14 urami

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  • Postman’s book “Amusing Ourselves to Death” was not written in 82’ but in 85’. Hence, the relevancy if the “1984” comments.

    Bob PerkinsDDSBob PerkinsDDSPred dnevom
  • There is no chance we are going to put this genie back in the bottle. Not even close. We can’t fix education, healthcare, climate change etc., and those are much less nebulous than the dystopian effects of social media. This is even more insidious. We ARE the frog sitting obliviously in the water that is being heated to the boiling point. There is too much money to be made by keeping things going along the same path. We don’t even have close to the level of ethics and social responsibility and discipline and political will to touch this with a feather. Many of us won’t even wear masks in a pandemic. I’m just glad I got to live in a manageable world for most of my life. I’m sad for my kids. It’s just a matter of time, sadly.

    Bob PerkinsDDSBob PerkinsDDSPred dnevom
  • This dude together with Joe Rogan saved my life from SLworlds's addiction lol 😂

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  • The world becomes more complicated with technology, so teach your kids to think independently and to pay attention to who’s bullshiting them... the world won’t slow down

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  • Stop censorship!

    The Soma Alchemy PodcastThe Soma Alchemy PodcastPred dnevom
  • Covid is fake

    Grey FoxGrey FoxPred dnevom
  • He’s like the Martian Luther of the Catholic Church. Tried to fix the organization from within. No one listened. So further steps were taken.

    Kenny MacDowellKenny MacDowellPred dnevom
  • Orwell and Huxley at the end of the video, one word: scary!

    ApocalypseApocalypsePred dnevom
  • Fascinating - and disturbing - discussion about social media! 👍👍👏👏

    ApocalypseApocalypsePred dnevom
  • Joe please do chris chapel hea awesome

    joe dohnjoe dohnPred dnevom
  • ~221:35 , "Here come the conjunction"---(Joe Rogan)--the but...which, in an Escher drawing, turns the pic upside down. The execs don't let their own kids consume what they are intentionally profiting from..."---"the business model took over..." I hear laughter! Where does that come from? (And the forests will echo with laughter...)

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  • Google 'happy white family.'

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  • Apple is trash And engagement does not mean quality

    Dj Neuralink Dj NeuralinkDj Neuralink Dj NeuralinkPred dnevom
  • The problem is these people at Google are all compartment mentalized so they only learn a small snippet what's really going on that's why all these conspiracy theories come in to play yawn

    Dj Neuralink Dj NeuralinkDj Neuralink Dj NeuralinkPred dnevom
  • They figured out don't be evil is way to broad and very relative to each individual that was the problem so they removed it not really that big of a deal kids

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  • Keeping religion out of your business hello good and evil is very relative

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  • I used to work with/around welders every day. It was a culture-shock at first, I wasn’t used to people calling me an idiot to my face, but one gets used to it. Kinda like in the military, but more so. After they call you an idiot, they show you how to do it right. If you still screw up, they gather around and berate you until you successfully do the thing. After that, they will constantly talk about how it took you so many tries to get it right. If it was particularly embarrassing, it would become your nickname. FOREVER. Best job I ever had.

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  • Progress is Great,You Guys go Ahead and Sacrifice yourselves for your Dream of becoming a Cyborg and I'll stay back, Become the Plan B, Naturally Have Children and raise them for the future of Humanity incase you guys don't survive, leave me out of your Vaccination and Experiment Programs and things will be great, also STOP USING CHILDREN AS LABRATS and Cannon Fodder!!!!!!!! VERY IMMORAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Who's here because of a Joe Rogan ad on Joe Rogan's video?

    Kyle BKyle BPred 2 dnevi
  • Good guy but "Tris-tawn" is such a fucking pretentious name I could never call him that.

    Jeff MJeff MPred 2 dnevi
  • How did I miss this guy is so full of shit the first time I watched it?

    Rick WilsonRick WilsonPred 2 dnevi
    • Zuckerberg is CIA! Facebook is DARPA! TWITTER & GOOGLE ARE HAMMER! GO HOME DUDE!

      Rick WilsonRick WilsonPred 2 dnevi
  • COVID and human C02 have the same problem .....ZERO impact human C02 = 0,0016% in the air Covid-19 = 0,16% mortality C02 hoax Composition of air According to NASA, the gases in Earth's atmosphere include: Nitrogen 78 % Oxygen 21 % Argon 0.93 % Carbon dioxide (C02) 0.04 % Of these o.o4 % of Co2 in the atmosphere: 95% comes from nature (volcanoes/oceans/vegeration etc...) 5% from human activity The human C02 content in the air = 0.0016% !! covid hoax 97% survive the covid-19 virus 90% of the PCR tests are false positives ! (a PCR test is NOT A DIAGNOSE for covid-19 .. ...only an indication for further lab research ... (look at the damn test prescription leaflet of the manufacturer) 97% recover from covid 0.16% die from covid Covid-19 = NO PANDEMIC !! leftist authoritarian fascists say: DON'T YOU DARE TO THINK FOR YOURSELF !!! lockdowns = house arrests

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  • once again talking about the lies and the manipulation of face book and everything else that's out there, but then mentioning that there are videos out there on face book or you tube that the h*l*causts wasn't real. completely not true, you tube and face book remove theses videos all the time and ban those sometimes who mention it. but the funny thing is, if the h*l*caust was so real, why do they work so hard to convince you and to sensor the information out there. if you haven't seen the documentaries or read the books that are: the chemistry of Au$chwitz or hellstorm, you should, because they actually show you another side.

    kotosnpkotosnpPred 2 dnevi
  • You know there's a serious problem when you compare the search results from DuckDuckGo to Google. Google is obviously suppressing information to make you think THEIR WAY. This is dangerous and out of control, Google, Twitter, and Facebook need a good smackdown.

    Etek DavEtek DavPred 2 dnevi
  • This is just a technical issue. You need to turn up the lights or open up a couple of f/stops on the lens. It's way too dark, especially during the day with all the daylight. It's better at night, but not by much. This has been since you switched to the new set.

    Brian BlauserBrian BlauserPred 2 dnevi
  • "Do the right thing", for Google means make lots of money and screw over people. Its the same motto for every corporation.

    SeofthwaSeofthwaPred 2 dnevi
  • "ethics" and steering thoughts are oxymorons.

    Chris M.Chris M.Pred 2 dnevi
  • The solution is simple. Make a law that all social media companies cannot sell user data or run ads. That will force them to have users pay for the product and be beholden to them.

    CalebCalebPred 2 dnevi

    Yung SenpaiYung SenpaiPred 2 dnevi